Our Vision: Southwest Minneapolis Residents Must Be a Force for Change


Whether it’s redlined neighborhoods, racist language in home deeds, inequitable school funding or unjust public safety, we’re all harmed by the legacy of white supremacy. It’s going to take neighbors coming together to end this harm. SWAE creates opportunities for individual and collective anti-racist action and we stand up for the policies and people that advance racial equity.

Our work together will bring us closer to our vision of a thriving city:

  • That is equitable, integrated, healthy and safe for all
  • Where everyone belongs and opportunity and resources are shared
  • Where we have a common understanding of racism and actively and continuously work to address past and present injustices


We are committed to creating an inclusive, multiracial, cross-generational group of board members. More information will be coming soon on how you can apply to join the Board. Until then, follow SWAE on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Southwest Minneapolis spans ten neighborhoods:Linden Hills, Fulton, Lynnhurst, Armatage, Kenny (in Ward 13), East Harriet (partly in Ward 13, partly in Ward 10), Part of Windom and Tangletown (in Ward 11), Part of Kingfield (in Ward 8), West Maka Ska, which is technically in the Calhoun-Isles community but is part of Ward 13

These ten neighborhoods are not all in the same Ward, meaning people in Southwest Minneapolis have different City Council representatives (from Wards 8, 10, 11 and 13).

In total, there are over 80 neighborhoods in Minneapolis, grouped into 11 geographic communities and 13 city council wards. Minneapolis is notably racially and economically segregated, and each community has its own demographic profile.